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portugal-real-estate 1 (1)Buying a home is a complex process involving a major financial commitment. With so much at stake, buyers need a trusted guide who can help them make good decisions and minimize risks. As a Real Estate Broker Agency, we owe the buyer and seller fidelity and fiduciary duty in all transaction matters. This duty includes finding the right property, guiding buyers through the process, securing the best deal, protecting their interests and safeguarding confidential information.

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We would like to help you sell you r home as quickly as possible and at the best market value. Our real estate services are simple and direct.

Our average commission fees are 2, 3, or 4 %. That’s it. No hidden costs, no exceeded or exaggerated fees.
Via our platforms and expertise in web marketing, we are able to make your home visible and searchable by thousands of home buyers worldwide.

Benefits of Portugal Real Estate Homes

Right now the Portuguese Market is dominated by the big franchised agencies that demand 5-8% commission rates over selling price! That is way beyond what they deserve! You’ve worked long and hard, sweated and made big endeavors to pay off your home.

Now you want to sell it; why should you have to pay out all that effort and sacrifice you’ve made over numerous years, to the real estate agent?! Agencies these days have gone overboard and exceeded a reasonable amount to collect for selling your home. That is why we started our company, as we also believe that the agencies have monopolized the market with these inflated high rates.

Portugal Real Estate Homes is a Portuguese real estate broker agency dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve their current and future real estate goals in the Portuguese Property Market. Our customer engagement philosophy is built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and commitment to excellence. Our collaborative, proactive, customer-centric process is designed to help client’s reach their most profitable investment goals.

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Fill in the form to talk to us about your property Selling and Buying goals. We respect your privacy and all information is treated as confidential.


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We work with yout to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price. Our selling system is optimized for you.

Experts in selling property

When you appoint Portugal Real Estate Homes as your agent, this means that we are 100 per cent accountable to you.

All Portugal Real Estate Homes real estate agents are licensed in accordance with local legislation, ensuring you get a consistently high standard of service.

Via our platforms and expertise in web marketing, we are able to make your home visible and seeable by thousands of Portuguese and foreign investors.

We pledge to commit ourselves to selling your house at the best possible price within a fixed timeframe by using our negotiating skills, high levels of customer service and comprehensive resources to get great result for you.

In addition to our guarantee of service, you can be sure your local Portugal Real Estate Homes real estate agent will offer honest advice and a detailed plan to ensure your property is sold for the best possible price.

Global Network

Our Internet network reaches worldwide buyers, looking for property in Portugal. We have agreements and alliances worldwide to include Chinese and Middle East Immigration agencies, Real Estate Platforms and Financial Institutions looking for Real Estate Investments in Portugal.

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The buying of a home will probably be one of your greatest purchases so it should be nothing more than above extraordinarily.

Our Services will include:

  • Price the home accurately using the same techniques as appraisers.
  • Implement an aggressive marketing campaign that is targeted and aimed at reaching active home buyers directly.
  • Include it on Portugal Real Estate Homes Web site. These listings may include an unlimited number of photos, detailed property and community information, and easy access to a “live” agent.
  • Many local offices also list their houses on real estate Web sites.
  • Post a “for sale” sign for the front of the home.
  • Take all phone calls.
  • Show the home to prospective home buyers.
  • Arrange for other agents to show the home.
  • Pre-qualify home buyers.
  • Help the home buyer obtain financing.
  • Negotiate the purchase agreement.
  • Write the sales contract.
  • Handle all paperwork.
  • Meet with appraisers.
  • Arrange for all inspections.
  • Supervise the closing.

We offer no exclusivity agreements. Why be stuck to just one agency…

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