Commercial Protocol with KW Portugal

We are pleased to announce that all new business coming through this website is directed to KW Business, Portugal and channeled to Greg Babayans, a real estate consultant for KW.
What this means to you as a Buyer, you will get the professional servicing and dedication from a well-established real estate agency in Portugal, KW. And to the Seller, you will get access to multiple buyers via the local and international network of qualified buyers of the KW International network.
All the information on this site is to help you make the right real estate choice in Portugal. Greg will continue to contribute to the site, however, if you want to reach him to help you buy or sell your home, just contact him below or at KW. He is readily available to provide you his real estate assistance.

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Our buyer services include:

Technology. We live in a high tech world, and use the most current and evolved technology to stay informed about the market. We connect through your preferred technology to ease the communication process such as via email, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

Local Connections. We are in Portugal. We live here. We understand the Housing Market. Our agents help you figure out which price ranges, neighborhoods and property types best fit your needs. When it’s time to make an offer, we’ll provide you investment guidance, detailed market information and analysis to help you close the best deal.

Personal Guidance. Think of us as your private caretaker. We will help you review the documentation for the properties you like, and establish the right offer, price and terms. We will then present your offer in the most favorable light to obtain the best price possible.

Closing Assistance. We’ll monitor the entire escrow process to ensure a smooth experience. And when it’s time to sign closing papers, your agent will be available to handle any last minute details.

Golden Visa. Looking to get a Golden Visa? We will help with that as well. We have a group of lawyers we work with that are specialized in legalization and the Golden Visa Program.

We Do the Searching for You

In a marketplace loaded with unique properties, locations and prices, there are many variables that makes it difficult to make a wise decision and we are talking about a 2nd home or investment, which most of us all have maybe worked a lifetime to achieve, so we take this very seriously at heart. A well-informed agent will always be on hand to help identify the right options to meet your needs and budget. This may even include seeking out options that others may ignore.

Each client is different

Every client is different. Every project is a unique challenge. In order to do our job, we need to know exactly what our clients desire, the pros, the cons, the nice-to-haves, and the deal breakers. If you are new to Portugal or just been out of town for a while, or maybe still living and working overseas, let us help you better understand the local property and guide you into new areas that may better suit your buyers brief.

How we work depends on you.We are flexible and agile; depending on what it is you want, where, and when. One thing you can always be certain of though is that we’ll be tenaciously dedicated to finding the right property for you, at the right price, as soon as possible. Further to the buying service we offered unparalleled ‘after service care’ to keep your home or investment safe and secure by giving you unlimited access to our established network of professional services.


As quickly as possible, for the best price and hassle-free as possible


Wherever you're looking to buy a holiday home or a permanent residence in Portugal, you will find there is an incredible range of houses and apartments for sale.

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Experts in selling property

When you appoint Portugal Real Estate Homes as your agent, this means that we are 100 per cent accountable to you.

All Portugal Real Estate Homes real estate agents are licensed in accordance with local legislation, ensuring you get a consistently high standard of service.

Via our platforms and expertise in web marketing, we are able to make your home visible and seeable by thousands of Portuguese and foreign investors.

We pledge to commit ourselves to selling your house at the best possible price within a fixed timeframe by using our negotiating skills, high levels of customer service and comprehensive resources to get great result for you.

In addition to our guarantee of service, you can be sure your local Portugal Real Estate Homes real estate agent will offer honest advice and a detailed plan to ensure your property is sold for the best possible price.

Global Network

Our Internet network reaches worldwide buyers, looking for property in Portugal. We have agreements and alliances worldwide to include Chinese and Middle East Immigration agencies, Real Estate Platforms and Financial Institutions looking for Real Estate Investments in Portugal.

Our Services will include:

- Price the home accurately using the same techniques as appraisers.
- Implement an aggressive marketing campaign.
- Include it on KW site and their affiliates sites.
- Many local offices also list their houses on real estate Web sites.
- Post a “for sale” sign for the front of the home if you wish.
- Take all phone calls.
- Show the home to prospective home buyers.
- Arrange for other agents to show the home.
- Pre-qualify home buyers.
- Help the home buyer obtain financing.
- Negotiate the purchase agreement.
- Write the sales contract.
- Handle all paperwork.
- Meet with appraisers.
- Supervise the closing.

Exceeding your Expectations

In today’s real estate market, there’s no substitute for professional representation. I am committed to providing my clients with expert knowledge, professionalism and personal integrity necessary to complete one of the most significant financial decisions you are likely to ever make whether it be buying or selling your property. I’ve been in Portugal for over some 25 years, although having grown up in the US, I’ve spent most of my professional life in Portugal. I’ve got all the tools to help you buy or sell you property, with my undergraduate and graduate studies in Business. I’ve built and sold my own homes in Porto and have been involved in real estate my whole life. Please use this website as a valuable resource to guide you though all your real estate needs. I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions or need my expertise in selling your home, buying your dream home or looking for great an investment property. I appreciate your trust in me and look forward to serve you.

Feel free to connect with me at Linkedin and/or Facebook

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