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Real estate brokerages, through different agents in the office, often “represent” both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. This practice, known as designated agency, is a serious conflict of interest. True Agency precludes designated agency. By conducting a conflict check before accepting a new seller client, Sage avoids representing opposing sides in a transaction. As our buyer-client, you can be confident that Sage will represent solely your interests in purchasing your home.

Buying a home is a complex process involving a major financial commitment. With so much at stake, buyers need a trusted guide who can help them make good decisions and minimize risks. As a Real Estate Broker Agency, we owe the buyer and seller fidelity and fiduciary duty in all transaction matters. This duty includes finding the right property, guiding buyers through the process, securing the best deal, protecting their interests and safeguarding confidential information.

Benefits of Portugal Real Estate Homes

Right now the Portuguese Market is dominated by the big franchised agencies that demand 5-8% commission rates over selling price! That is way beyond what they deserve! You’ve worked long and hard, sweated and made big endeavors to pay off your home.

Now you want to sell it; why should you have to pay out all that effort and sacrifice you’ve made over numerous years, to the real estate agent?! Agencies these days have gone overboard and exceeded a reasonable amount to collect for selling your home. That is why we started our company, as we also believe that the agencies have monopolized the market with these inflated high rates.

Buying a Home?

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The buying of a home will probably be one of your greatest purchases so it should be nothing more than above extraordinarily.

Local Connections. We are in Portugal. We live here. We understand the Housing Market. Our agents help you figure out which price ranges, neighborhoods and property types best fit your needs. When it’s time to make an offer, we’ll provide you investment guidance, detailed market information and analysis to help you close the best deal.

Personal Guidance. Think of us as your private caretaker. We will help you review the documentation for the properties you like, and establish the right offer, price and terms. We will then present your offer in the most favorable light to obtain the best price possible.

Inspection Assistance. Any property is worth a closer look. We will provide a list of qualified home inspectors, and attend inspections with you. If the inspections reveal items that require correction, your agent will advise as to whether or not it may be possible to obtain credits or repairs.

Closing Assistance. We’ll monitor the entire escrow process to ensure a smooth experience. And when it’s time to sign closing papers, your agent will be available to handle any last minute details.

Golden Visa. Looking to get a Golden Visa? We will help with that as well. We have a group of lawyers we work with that are specialized in legalization and the Golden Visa Program.

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