December 2014

Property Opportunities

Competitive property sector And if you need any more reasons for making the decision to live in Portugal, you should know that the range of property available in Portugal is very attractive and competitive. Portugal is recognized internationally for the…

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Did you know?

Portugal can actually be one of the best places to live EVER DREAMED ABOUT OWNING A HOUSE IN PORTUGAL? If you’ve already been here on holiday, have you thought about staying to live? Portugal offers exclusive and attractive conditions for…

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The History of Portugal

The History of Portugal. From the first settlers, the Romans, the Moors, all the battles won and lost, Kings, Queens and other nobility and eras of dominance followed by eras of oppression. All of this has shaped the Portuguese people,…

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What you must know about Portugal

A lot of Portuguese information in a very short video. Very fascinating and interesting to know. For someone not from that heritage and wanting some background information on Portugal there is a ton of great information.

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Portugal Presents

Choose Portugal as your business destination, to visit, invest or buy its products and services. Portugal is a friendly country, with talented people, innovative companies and the choice of so many global companies.  

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