December 2014

Synopsis of Purchase Process

The Buying Process in Portugal Reservation Normally, after we help you spot the property that fits your prerequisites, you are to negotiate a realistic offer to us regarding the property. However, as your agent, we will proceed to negotiate an…

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Offshore Investments

Corporate and Offshore Ownership You will get to discover that of the most of the highly priced properties in Portugal (Most of which are valued over €1million), are owned within corporate structures. Corporate Ownership of Portugal Property Purchase Agreement The…

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Visit Places

Portugal Investment Visits It is generally considered a good practice to take a tour and visit the location you wish to invest in to ensure you are paying for what you actually want. We are available to help you explore…

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Prosperity Tax

Prosperity Tax In Portugal, people follow the concept of possession in which one has the right to full and exclusive rights of a real estate property. This type of property ownerships gives the Portuguese real estate market a benefit over…

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Real Estate Glossary

Glossary of Real Estate Terms From U.S. Market abstract of title A historical summary provided by a title insurance company of all records affecting the title to a property. acceleration clause Allows a lender to declare the entire outstanding balance…

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