February 2015

Escrow And Other Loans Terms

Escrow And Other Loans Terms As you are going through the home loan process, you will run across a few terms that you will not understand. You should ask your lender to explain these terms so that you will fully…

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Inspections and Loans

Inspections and Loans While a poor home inspection will usually not deter a lender from granting a home loan, you should be aware that some lenders will not grant a loan if there is termite damage or structural damage to…

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Increase chances for Credit Approval

Increase chances for Credit Approval There are a few ways to increase your chances for loan approval that will also help you determine what you will be able to afford each month: Pre-approval Many experts agree that applying for a…

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Applying For A Home Loan

 Applying For A Home Loan When applying for a home loan, you will have to bring the information listed above to the lenders office, or if applying online, supply copies that are faxed to the lender. You will be asked…

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Where To Find A Lender

Where To Find A Lender These days there are many places to find a mortgage lender, such as: Newspaper advertisements Television advertisements Family or friends Your Current lender Your Current bank, or Online As you can see, finding a lender…

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