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Portugal Property

Investment Property

It’s no big secret that Portugal has recently become a haven for buying Property for all the good reasons we’ve written about so far on this site. However, there is no better way to buy property in Portugal than to…

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Foreign Investors

Property Investing in Portugal Portugal Real Estate Homes is a Low Cost Real Estate Buyer and Seller Boutique Agency based in the heart of Porto, Portugal helping distance challenged buyers overcome their limitations. We bring the real estate market opportunities…

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Fees – Buyer Agent Option 1 – Percent of Selling Price from Seller You don’t pay us anything. It is from the seller that we get our fees. It is that simple. Although we work for the buyer, we will…

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Buying and Investing In Portugal

Buying and Investing In Portugal Many often think that Portugal is all about the large glasses of Port, long games of golf and lazy strolls on the beach. However, there are other significant reasons for buying and investing in Portugal.…

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Buy Homes

The purchase of an astonishing property is truly remarkable Whether it is a full time residence, a 2nd home or an investment property, we can turn your dreams into a lifetime of pleasure. Whether your upcoming investment represents a threshold…

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