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Portugal Property

Purchasing Process

The Beauty of purchasing a property in Portugal is the simplicity of the process. It’s fairly straightforward and offers good protection for both buyer and seller. Here is some information to guide you through your purchase. Extra costs you will…

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The Buying Process

Smart decisions are well informed so you can invest with confidence. The property market’s changing daily. If you want a sharp, hard-edged investment, it pays to get professional advice. Buying your dream home is in most cases more of a…

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What is a Buyer’s Agent

PROFESSIONAL INDEPENDENT ADVICE Buyer agents are real estate agents and professionals that are licensed whom specialize in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the Buyer. Utilizing the services that Buyer´s agents offer is becoming…

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Buying You could be forgiven into thinking it’s all concerning long games of golf, lazy strolls on the beach and larges glasses of Port. Quickly changing into the popular selection of retirement you may be forgiven into thinking it’s all…

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Investment Property

It’s no big secret that Portugal has recently become a haven for buying Property for all the good reasons we’ve written about so far on this site. However, there is no better way to buy property in Portugal than to…

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