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Taking care of all the details and personally handing you the keys on settlement day is our dictum that we work by, it’s that simple.company profile compra imovel casa agencia imobiliaria

As buyer advocates, we handle the finer details for you to make this a ‘concierge’ service such as coordinating building and pest inspections and liaising with the real estate selling agents and the service providers. We can work in with your property solicitor – or if you prefer – we have a panel of top solicitors who give our clients instant service. This highly efficient, quality service can be the difference between you actually securing a property or losing it to another buyer.

Combining the skills and talents of some of Portugal’s most experienced property advisers; we will give you as the Buyer an unsurpassed advantage. It is about time that buyers had the upper hand in purchasing property.

To make sure that you are fully represented in the purchasing process, Portugal Real Estate Homes has taken the traditional Real Estate Agent’s promise one step further. For the first time you will not only be represented by a highly skilled negotiator and Buyer’s Agent whom is held in high regard by sales agents, but to further your experience in our property reviews and inspections, we now include the professionalism of having a qualified architect to assist with your choice if necessary.

We believe that you as the buyer have every right to have greater support and representation than the seller. We will deliver to you comprehensive market knowledge, the benefit of our relationships with agents, a broader platform of properties to choose from and last but not least our tried and tested negotiation skills.

Our small, but highly calibrated team is designed to be able to deliver what we call the Distinct level of service that is consistent amongst all clients, whether you are a home buyer or a financial institution looking to acquire an asset for a portfolio. And each time you come back, as do many of our clients; you will know exactly what you are getting.

Our Distinct company values are:

• Consistent and comprehensive due diligence.
• Exclusive rights over your buying criteria to avoid any conflict of interest.
• We service you as a client for life, not just while buying a property for one time.
• To serve fewer clients with a higher level of service.
• Ensuring your search is driven by up-to-the-minute market intelligence.
• Keeping you up to date on a regular schedule.

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