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Location and Location

Location and Location

Choosing where to live is almost as important as the type of home you want to live in. While this is a very personal decision, there are pros and cons to every neighborhood. But wherever you want to live, you will have to know where the highways are located, grocery stores, schools, and how far from work you will be. Buying a home means more than the structure you will be living in. It is also the community and the accessibility to places and events that mean the most to you and to your famil.

Finding The Right Neighborhood

How will you know you have found the right neighborhood? There are many ways to tell:

  • You may feel a sense of calm
  • The neighborhood may remind you of a happy memory
  • You will be close to places you frequent often
  • The neighborhood aesthetics are pleasing, or
  • The rest of your family is pleased

You may feel one emotion or five when you turn the corner onto the street where you want to live. This will be an exciting time, especially if you have been searching for a home for the past few months.

When looking for the right location, you should consider the following:

  • How clean is this neighborhood?
  • Is this a high crime area?
  • What is the average home value in the neighborhood?
  • Are there community bylaws?
  • What is the home close to?
  • Is there garbage pickup?

While these questions may not include everything you are looking for when buying a home, they should be considered carefully as they will affect your life once you move into the home.

How Clean Is This Neighborhood?

You should look at the neighborhood at different times during the day to see how those who live in the neighborhood take care of it. If there is a lot of trash on the ground, the yards are not kept up properly, or there are old signs posted on trees and telephone poles, then the neighborhood may not be for you.

If the neighborhood looks clean and you see people outside caring for their lawns, then you may have found a community of people who care about where they live. This is an important factor if you are planning on living in the neighborhood for many years. All too often people will buy homes only to discover that they live in a neighborhood where people do not have respect for their property or the property of others. This can make selling the home much more difficult in the future.

Is This A High Crime Area?

While all neighborhoods will experience some crime, you should consider buying a home in an area that has a high crime rate very carefully. While the home itself may be the right price for your budget, it may not be located in an area that is right for your well-being.

Drive by the neighborhood at nighttime to see if there is adequate street lighting, suspicious activity, or anything else that might cause you to use caution. Research the neighborhood and find out how the crime rate compares to other neighborhoods. If the crime rate is too high, then it may be best to look somewhere else.

What Is The Average Home Value In The Neighborhood?

You can find this information out very easily by asking your realtor or by looking up this information at the county clerk’s office or on their web site. You should be aware of the home values that are in your neighborhood for several reasons:

  • Housing prices will vary depending on the neighborhood and region. You want to buy a home that you will be able to make a profit on when you decide to sell.
  • You do not want to pay too much for a home.
  • Giving a solid offer for the home means knowing what other homes that are similar in size are selling for.
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