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Professional Referrals

Professional Referrals

We are constantly saving you time. Throughout the purchasing process and well beyond, we help in many ways with things you will need indirectly related to the property purchase. You will require the services of many other professionals to either complete the purchase or soon afterwards.

We can provide you with a direct introduction to the people and companies that over the years have consistently proved themselves to be reliable, trustworthy and efficient, both with your valuable time and your finances.

Unless you already have the right people to service all your property needs, you would be unwise not to tap into our already established network of professionals.

This is where Portugal Real Estate Investments pride themselves on their Distinct level of service. Our Buyer’s are still our clients long after they have moved in. Any time you need assistance, we’re just a phone call away – Need to paint, fix a leak, decorate the baby room, renovate or even rebuild, we will still be there holding your hand. We have an extensive list of professional subcontractors willing to give you that extra special care including our very own in-house architect.

We have limited our list below to those most frequently used. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for someone not listed – If we don’t know them, somebody we know will.


• Solicitors
• Lawyers
• Mortgage brokers
• Banks
• Building inspectors
• Tax Accountants
• Architects


• Interior designers
• Builders
• Property managers
• Depreciation Schedules
• Selling agents
• Landlord insurance
• Town planners
• Developers
• Migration agents
• Financial Planners
• Electricians
• Plumbers
• Painters
• Carpenters
• Landscape and gardening services

Property Makeovers

Whether you are buying a new home or a property for investment purposes, we will ensure that you maximize your enjoyment and financial returns via our associated service providers, which includes:

• Assessment of property
• Painting including cracks and repairs
• Flooring
• Gardening & Landscaping
• Plumbing & Electrical
• Cleaning & Waste Removal
• Property Styling & Furniture Hire

We will be there when you need us most, saving you time and money. An appropriate additional investment in a professionally managed property makeover will save you time and allow you to achieve a higher rental yield.

Our experience is invaluable in ensuring that the renovation does not over capitalize your property.

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