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Our Services

We are flexible and agile; depending on what it is you want, where, and when. How we work depends on you. We can tailor make a service to suit your exacting and demanding requirements with ease.

1. Overseas and Foreign Buyers

Our most “in-demand” right now is buying Portugal property for foreigners. Let Portugal Real Estate Homes be your eyes and ears in Portugal. In addition to our boutique Distinct Service we will take additional photos and video of the potential property and its surrounding areas as required. You are not alone when partnering with us. We aim to give you the greatest freedom whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are giving it all to find the best possible property at the best possible price, leaving no stone unturned.

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2. Intensive ‘Appraisal and Negotiate’

So you’ve searched for months and just found that dream property, but are afraid of what could go wrong. Don’t leave anything to chance. Call in the experts. We can step right in and take control, advising you on the best possible strategy and provide for you a thorough ‘Market and Property Research Report’ to give you the certainty and confidence to move forward. If required we will attend an auction for you.

3. Auction Attendance and Bidding

Unable to attend an auction or simply don’t have the knowledge, let us represent you professionally. Over a decade of participating at auctions has armed us to do the best to win the property potentially saving you money and removing all the emotional stress so that you can celebrate and enjoy.

4. Appraisals

Are you suffering from information overload after months of searching? We can clear your head and prepare a comprehensive property and market assessment for you. Our reports are so up to date they may even include sales data that is not publicly recorded yet.

5. Design and Architecture

Can’t see the full potential of your property? Let our design team give your property the look over. Our team will be able to help you bring your vision to life, whether it is a single room, a 6 bedroom family home or a commercial office space.

6. Selling your home and can’t choose an agent

We know how stressful it can be to buy a house but so can be selling. Take advantage of our years of experience with selling agents to help you select the best one for your home with confidence. We’ll help you better understand the current market value of your property and will help you work through the various proposals put forward by the agents.

7. Legal Assistance

We have a specialized group of attorneys that we work with that can help take care of all the legalities when buying property in Portugal, whether it be an investment property, 2nd home, or an investment for obtaining the Gold Visa.

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