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Create A List

Once you have found a realtor you are comfortable with, you will want to make the most of your time when house hunting. Giving your realtor a list of what you are looking for will help narrow the search and save everyone some time. Your list should include:

  • Your price range
  • Number of bedrooms you want
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Size of property
  • Basement (finished or unfinished)
  • If you want a porch, patio or balcony
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Garage
  • Neighborhood, and
  • Any other amenities you would like

Giving your real estate agent a list of your preferences will allow them to spend more time researching homes that fit the criteria. You should list these amenities from greatest to least important because no home is perfect and you will not get everything you want or need. Let your agent know that you are flexible, but that you really want to concentrate on certain items when looking for a home.

Viewing Homes

When looking at homes with your agent, be sure to ask any questions you may have. While these questions may seem small, they may be important to your happiness. Common questions people ask their agents are:

  • How old is the home?
  • How many owners has the home had?
  • What kinds of renovations have been done to the home?
  • How old is the plumbing?
  • How low are the sellers willing to go?
  • How old is the carpeting and flooring?
  • How old are the windows?

While your agent may answer some of these questions before you ask them, you should ask any questions that may influence your decision to buy a home. If you do not want to put too much work into fixing up the home, you may want to buy a home that is ten years old or less.

If your agent does not know all of the answers to your questions, they should be able to find out and will give you an answer within a day or two.

Taking Pictures

One of the best ways to remember the homes you have seen is to bring your camera and take pictures. Get permission from the agent first before taking pictures of another person’s home.

Many times, after looking at a few houses, you will forget how big the kitchen in home number two was in comparison to home number five. Having pictures will give you a better idea of the square footage and how much room you will have to work with.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

After a few weeks of viewing homes that fit what you are looking for, you should be close to finding a home that you will want to make a bid on. If you have other homes you would like to see or you have changed your mind as to what you are looking for, you should tell your agent so that they can look for other homes.

Many times, if a person likes the neighborhood but not the home they were shown, they will want to see other homes in the neighborhood that are for sale. You should ask to see all of the homes available in a neighborhood that you like.

If you are still not finding a home that you like, you may need to change the neighborhoods you are looking at. While this can seem disappointing, your real estate agent will be happy to show you homes in different neighborhoods. Sometimes if you compare homes to one another, you will find redeeming qualities in a home you have already seen.

Once you have found a home that you like, you should make an offer. Contact your agent as soon as you can so that they can draw up the paperwork, contact the buyer’s agent, and make an offer before another person does. Make an offer as soon as you can in order to avoid a bidding war.

Bidding can be long and drawn out in some cases. If you do not have the time to wait out a bid or if you cannot bid any higher, then you may be looking for another home to purchase. While this can set you back, you should try to stay positive and find a home that is right for you.

Your agent should be there to guide you along during this time. Ask all the questions you have to before making an offer on a home.

Information Realtors Should Tell You

There is plenty of information that realtors can tell you about the homes you will be viewing. Things they should tell you include:

  • The price of the home
  • The age of the home
  • Any renovations that have been done
  • Any other Issues with the home
  • Property taxes
  • Community dues
  • Schools
  • Neighborhood crime rates, and
  • The median age of those who live in the neighborhood

Usually, if a realtor does not have the information you request on hand, they will be able to look it up once they are back at their office. You should be able to find out all the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision about buying a home. Realtors are required by law to give you information concerning repairs, damage, and the history of a home. This includes any incidents that have occurred inside the home such as criminal activity, fire, and other events.

You can also do a little research of your own by using the Internet, which has become a wonderful tool to use when searching for a home. You can research past events that have taken place in the neighborhood, the home itself, or the town where you want to live. Knowing a little history may prompt you to look elsewhere or make an offer.

Other information realtors can tell you include:

  • Home owner price reduction (your realtor will talk with the seller’s realtor once you have made an offer or want to make an offer to see how low the owners will go to sell the home)
  • Prices of other homes in the area that are comparable to the one you are looking into buying
  • How quickly the owner wants or needs to sell their home
  • How much you will have to pay in property taxes each year, on average
  • Other taxes in the area

Your realtor is a person that should be well acquainted with the neighborhoods you are looking at when buying your first home. Don’t be afraid to ask many questions.

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