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Where To Find A Lender

Where To Find A Lender

These days there are many places to find a mortgage lender, such as:

  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Television advertisements
  • Family or friends
  • Your Current lender
  • Your Current bank, or
  • Online

As you can see, finding a lender should not be too difficult. You may have to contact several lenders before you find a lender that will give you a loan that meets your needs. When you apply for a home mortgage loan, the lender will check the following:

  • Your credit score
  • Your credit history
  • Your current income
  • Income of co-signer
  • References (professional and personal)
  • Current interest rates based on the amount you are asking for
  • Status of other loans you may have
  • Number of years you have been eligible to work, and
  • Number of years you have had credit

There are many factors that will go into your approval or denial of a home loan. You will have to be patient. You should contact a few lenders to see which ones will give you the best deal. Once the offers have been received, you will have to make some important decisions.

You should feel free to contact your lender at any time during the home buying process with questions and concerns you may have. Other important information the lender will need before granting you a loan include:

  • The home inspection report
  • The termite inspection report, and
  • The home appraisal

These reports are very important to a lender because they will tell the lender how much the home is actually worth and the types of damage that have lowered the overall value of the property. Lenders expect homeowners to remain in the home for at least five years. This will allow them to make a profit on the money they have loaned you. It is not worth it to them if you have to sell the home shortly after buying it because there is too much damage and you can no longer live there.

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