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How We’re Different

Increased awareness of “non-traditional” business models, like that of Portugal Real Estate Homes has spawned a debate about the differences between “traditional” real estate companies and “discount” real estate companies. People involved in the discussion try to characterize real estate companies as being either “traditional” or “discount.” It would be more accurate to differentiate using three categories:

– Full-Service/High Commission – So-called “traditional” real estate companies

– Full-Service/Discounted Commission – Portugal Real Estate Homes

– Limited Service/Discounted Commission – Real estate companies that offer a “menu of services” or limited service. Fees are charged for the services that are selected, usually, but not always, at a discounted commission.

As a Low Cost Agency, Portugal Real Estate Homes we show our clients we care.

A key difference between Portugal Real Estate Homes and others in the “discount” real estate space is the level of service. Portugal Real Estate Homes discovered early on that while sellers love the discounted commission, they still need and want full-service. Portugal Real Estate Homes offices are full service real estate brokerages staffed by experienced, licensed real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of REALTORS®, as well as state and local REALTOR associations. They take care of everything home sellers need from a real estate company, but charge a lower commission. It’s called Full Service Savings with “Full Service for Less, and Results with Savings.

How is Portugal Real Estate Homes different from “traditional” real estate companies?

The most obvious difference between Portugal Real Estate Homes and “traditional” real estate companies lies in the commission structure. Traditional firms typically charge home sellers a high commission that is a percentage of the sale price. (Example: 5-6%). We believe that friends Don’t Let Friends Pay 6%™.

With Portugal Real Estate Homes, home sellers are also given a choice as to how their home is marketed.

Both programs are designed to offer home sellers choices and to save them money. Regardless of which program a seller chooses, they still enjoy full-service.

How is Portugal Real Estate Homes different from other “discount” real estate companies?

Portugal Real Estate Homes is a full service discount real estate company. Other companies that discount their commission usually do so by taking away services. If they charge less, they are going to do less.

Some “Limited Service/Discounted Commission” companies charge upfront fees. Others are Internet-based and may only offer placement of the house in online and rely on another broker to handle the entire transaction. While these models do have have some interest, Portugal Real Estate Homes has found they are not a solution for the majority of home sellers who want and need full-service but don’t want to pay a high commission.

How is Portugal Real Estate Homes different from “For Sale by Owner” real estate companies?

Many homeowners decide to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate broker. Most “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) real estate companies simply help these homeowners advertise their house on the Internet.

Portugal Real Estate Homes Advantage

Portugal Real Estate Homes is a FULL SERVICE brokerage that takes care of EVERYTHING home sellers need from a real estate company.

In fact… about the only difference you’ll find between Portugal Real Estate Homes services and other brokerages… is the money you can save in commissions.

In today’s complicated housing market… Portugal Real Estate Homes keeps things simple… simple, but effective and with exceptional value.

Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach… Portugal Real Estate Homes is a company of choices…

In addition to traditional marketing Portugal Real Estate Homes offers several innovative programs that can help home sellers in any kind of market.

Whether you’re in a seller’s market, a buyer market, a short sale market, or a foreclosure market, Portugal Real Estate Homes fully licensed and experienced team can get the job done… and save you money along the way…

We call it “Results with Savings!”™

So call today and put an experienced Portugal Real Estate Homes real estate professional to work for you… and benefit from the difference.

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