Silent Sales

Silent Sales

What exactly is a ‘Silent Sale or Off-market’ property?

These properties are marketed through means other than advertising online or in newspapers. Some vendors may choose to sell direct but in most cases they will still use the services of a Real Estate agent.

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What benefit is there to you, the buyer?

The greatest benefit to you simply is the lack of competition from other buyers. More often than not we get a far better result from the negotiation under these conditions.

You get to inspect the properties at leisure and at a time that suits you and your family. No rushing in with a hoard of other buyers running from one property to another only to find that you can’t remember what some of the features are.

Estate agents are valued partners. They know our clients are committed buyers with assured budgets, so they continually approach us before a property comes to market. In many cases just having access to properties a week or two befgore they go to the public gives the buyer an enormous advantage in the due diligence and negotiation.

So not are you getting exclusive access to some prime property, you also get to inspect all publicly advertised properties, making 100% of all properties available to you.

There are some instances whereby a vendor will be happy to accept a lower price for their property:

• Avoiding costly advertising & marketing campaigns
• Like to maintain a high level of privacy and remain anonymous
• Avoid crowds of strangers creating stressful open house inspections
• Reduce the agents selling commissions or pay no fees at all.
• Deal directly with motivated and qualified buyers

How does Portugal Real Estate Homes locate off market properties and present these to you?

1. Because we treat Real Estate agents as though they are our partners, we also keep them informed on a regular basis as to the needs of our clients. More often than not, the agent will already be able to prospect a vendor known very well there is a keen buyer out there. As soon as he agent lists the property, they call us.

2. Portugal Real Estate Homes makes sure that at all times our database of agents are up to date. As we need, we e-mail our database followed up with phone calls to the most proactive agents.

3. We regularly get calls directly from sellers long before they list properties. Even if they decide to sell through an agent, we are already at the front of the queue.

4. Sometimes we just have to go back to good old-fashioned marketing. Doing a letter box drop can sometimes ignite some unusual enquiry leading us to inspect some great ‘off-market’ properties.

5. Every so often our past clients want to upgrade, down grade or move sideways. Whichever way they want to move they always call us before selling. Even if we don’t have the most suitable buyer for them, we still help to find the best agent for the job. In addition we have access to privately available properties before they reach the open market. We have built relationships with many prime property owners who appreciate our approach and reputation, and inform us of their intention to sell months before marketing.

6. Do most of our clients see ‘off-market’ properties?

At Portugal Real Estate Homes we use our same procedures for each and every client to deliver the most consistent standard of service. This means that we will endeavor ourselves to find you the best possible property for you, on or off market.

Depending on the condition of the Portugal Property Market at the time of your search, will affect how many silent listings we can inspect. In many cases the best property at the best price most suited to your buyers brief, may not be an ‘off-market one. This means we’re better placed than anyone else to find your perfect property.

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