The Process

The Process

The Process is quite simple.

  1. You contact us via our Website Contact Form
  2. We will then email you a questionnaire that we will ask you to fill out. It is the briefing and your requirements.
  3. Once we get the form filled out, we will then send you some proposals, either in links or files.
  4. You look over the properties we sent you. The ones you like or are curious about, you let us know.
  5. Then we will check with seller the status (properties can be sold or taken off market from one day to the next).
  6. You let us know of your availability to visit and we will set up the appointments.
  7. Once you choose your property, we will help negotiate the price and conditions.
  8. We draw up the promissory contract and decide on the escrow date.
  9. Do the escrow.
  10. Move in.

If needed, our lawyer can assist you with all the legal aspects of the deal. Also, if the property you are buying needs some construction interventions, we also have our team of professionals that will assist you. Prices will depend on the amount of work. Ask for a budget.

In order to make a property purchase, you will need to obtains a NIF (a Portuguese tax ID), which is given on the spot at a local tax branch.

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