Why Work with Us?

Why Work with Us?

Why Us

Perhaps you know exactly what you are looking for. Or maybe you have a vision and need help bringing it to life.

Whichever it is, we will listen. And then use our unique approach to property search to help find you your dream property.

We only act for serious buyers and seller’s. As a consequence, you can expect some serious advantages from your relationship with us. One of the most important is time. It’s precious, we understand that. That’s why we won’t squander it on wasted visits. The only appointments you’ll have are those with us, to talk about what you need, and those to see prime properties that answer your brief.

We spend a lot of our time networking to ensure your search is driven by up-to-the-minute market intelligence. We’re independent, so there are no restrictions on who we can work with, giving you access to the largest possible portfolio of properties.

Estate agents are valued partners. They know our clients are committed buyers with assured budgets, so they continually approach us before a property comes to market.

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Every client is different. Every project is a unique challenge. In order to do our job, we need to know exactly what our clients like and dislike, the pros, the cons, the nice-to-haves, and the deal breakers.

Often there are things in common, of course: many of our clients demand anonymity and discretion. However, all of our clients demand a fast, efficient, attentive service and that is what we promise them because it is their right.

We are flexible and agile; depending on what it is you want, where, and when. How we work depends on you.

One thing you can always be certain of though is that we’ll be tenaciously dedicated to finding the right property for you, at the right price, as soon as possible. In a nutshell, we offer you:


We have handled many transactions involving investment properties and know what to look for. We understand the procedure and we are skilled negotiators. We know the contractual requirements here in Portugal that will protect you throughout the entire process.


Our experience with purchasing, the Golden Visa, in remodeling, preservation, restoration and the characteristics of specialty homes allows us to give you essential information about your future real estate investment. We will do price comparisons with similar properties and advise on home inspectors who are familiar with these types of investment properties. Our knowledge will make you an educated buyer in order to make important decisions throughout the entire purchase process, and beyond.


Our buyers are informed of new properties over the Internet the moment they become “live”, and in many cases, even in advance.


We have all necessary contacts and associates to assist you in every phase of your transaction, from legal council to competitive lenders, experienced inspectors, designers, professional and licensed contractors and landscapers. Our assistance extends beyond the purchase process to help you convert the property into your own personal project.

Common Interest

We are specialists as well of modern day architecture and home design. We offer the benefit of working with professionals who understand your interests and are compassionate about serving their clients.

Our buyer services include extensive market research and knowledge, home searches, buyer tours of Portugal and our negotiating power. You will be advised of comparable home sales in the area, the best price to offer and more. Our goal as your buyers agent is to secure the property that you want, at the most reasonable price possible.

Our service providers are on hand, ready to serve our buyers every need, at no cost to them.

Why fight the clock every weekend and at nights when there is a much simpler and more effective way to purchase property. By having ‘one point of contact’ you can leverage your time ten-fold – and get a better result than you would have on your own.

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